Ultimate flexibility, overall efficiency and minimum manpower for automatic handling & loading of cookies (or similar products) for medium capacity and/or flexible cookie lines. You want to optimize your medium capacity and/or flexible cookie line by adding a fully automated, highly efficient cookie handling and loading system with minimum personnel? The modular configured Houdijk COOKIEBOT™ SYSTEM is offering you the ultimate solution.

Different product sizes and shapes

The system is designed for medium capacity cookie production lines, characterized by producing an array of different product sizes and shapes (round, square, rectangular, oblong or others) and furthermore requiring different pack configurations: either in tray (whereby products can be placed on edge or flat) or direct transferred -without tray- in a wrapping machine.
The COOKIEBOT™ system comprises the combination of an FIFO INFLOW BUFFER™ and COOKIEBOT™ pick & place units – whereby the number of units relates to the line capacity.

The primary function of the FIFO INFLOW BUFFER™ is to compensate for the downstream inefficiencies, consequently avoiding that good product goes to waste in case of the connected wrapping machine stop. The FIFO INFLOW BUFFER™ can be executed in a multi-level configuration, for maximum buffer time and minimal footprint. The multiple levels can also - optionally - function as cooling conveyors, with passive or active cooling.

Multi level configuration

Product inspection

To maintain line efficiency, all products will be inspected by the COOKIEBOT VISION MODULE™.

Vision Module

The first objective of this system is to ‘protect’ downstream equipment, by neglecting products that may cause stoppages (and possibly waste) or require manual interference by operators. Neglected products will drop at the end of the Main Conveyor from the belt. Additionally, an extra layer of product definitions can be added, to ensure that all products meet consumer expectations. An array of 2D colour line scanners and 3D camera’s to inspect the product on the following parameters:

    - Circumference, Surface, Height, Shape, Position
    - Colour

The system will identify the product positions of the products that will be loaded and directs these via an algorithm calculation to the available load positions. The system collects data on product quality (defects, over time and over width of belt) and can share this with your MES system (interface to be discussed).

COOKIEBOT™ Pick&Place Robotic Cells

Based on the line capacity, the system can feature multiple COOKIEBOT™ robotic cells, each featuring 2 or 4 overhead positioned Pick & Place robots. Each cell operates as an independent unit.

Each Pick & Place robot is a 3-axis robot able to move in a defined X, Y, Z ranged area. The gripper (execution depends on the application) of the robot offers 1 or 2 additional axis to rotate the product and angle the product.

3 axis robot

Intelligent Conveyor System

The system furthermore features a magnetic drive Intelligent Conveyor System, featuring individual carriers – executed with click on size parts - able to collect products placed on edge in slug òr filling of the tray either in on edge or flat.
When conveying from A to B is required the carriers will move independently with a controlled pace and will keep a controlled distance to each other. Once in the vicinity of the Robots the carrier will be position controlled at the desired pitch and speed, to allow the robots to load the products.
The carrier holder is a size part - to hold the tray or in which the products on edge in a slug is gradually build up – and is click-on and click-off executed to connect to the carrier.

Tray denesting

When applicable, trays will be denested from tray magazines via a Tray denester and placed in the carriers of the system.


Once the carrier has passed all COOKIEBOT™ robots the programmed loading configuration will be completed and the carrier will be presented to the next phase of the system: transferring the tray or slug (without a tray) to the wrapper.

A robot gripper featuring a front and back guide, will guide the group of slugs or trays between the flights of the waiting FLEX FLIGHTBAR CONVEYOR™.
The FLEX CROSS FEEDER™ is a cross positioned magnetic driven chain behind the FLEX FLIGHTBAR CONVEYOR™.

Both the FLEX FLIGHTBAR CONVEYOR™ as well as the FLEX CROSS FEEDER™ have the unique feature that each slug of products/tray pocket - comprising of two independently driven front and back pushers – can receive the slug of products/tray, can wait to allow the received slug/tray to first stabilize, then lock the product in the slug/tray and consequently accelerate the slug/tray to the actual continuous speed and pitch of the infeed of the connected wrapping machine.

Flex cross feeder

The total system can be operated by one operator.


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