High volume product distribution to multiple wrappers

The Houdijk FIFO INFLOW BUFFER™/FLOWMASTER™ system is a highly efficient distribution system, whereby special attention is being paid to the optimum utilization of the connected downstream equipment.

High volume product distribution

High volume lines are presently defined in the category of 5.000 – 12.000 products per minute.
Products suitable for a FIFO INFLOW BUFFER™/FLOWMASTER™ product distribution system are sandwich biscuits, rotary moulded products and/or wirecut deposited cookies. High efficiency is accomplished due to flat handling of products, whereby no defined pattern is required.

The “First In First Out” FIFO INFLOW BUFFER™ system is able to absorb and compensate for the in-efficiencies of the downstream connected wrapping legs. The FIFO INFLOW BUFFER™ system features a ‘U’ shaped conveyor configuration, with a movable 180 degree curve conveyor. The system conveys all incoming production through to the Main Conveyor. In case of a connected wrapper stops, the ‘U’ shape automatically lengthens to buffer product. In case the connected wrapper is available again, it shortens when emptying.

The design of the FIFO INFLOW BUFFER™ system is characterized by low maintenance due to a minimum of moving parts (it excludes any moving belt supports; instead the belt is statically supported).

The FLOWMASTER™ product distribution system assures even product distribution and free programmable product quantity, feeding to a number of connected wrapper legs, whether Single serve -, on edge in wrap and/or tray loading.

Buffer refeed takes place at a - to be defined - overcapacity during regular production. The wrapping systems will automatically speed up to absorb this buffer refeed capacity.


The FIFO INFLOW BUFFER™ system can be executed in a multi-level configuration whether or not combined with the cooling of the product coming out of the oven, for maximum cooling/buffer time and minimal footprint.

The (multi-layer) FIFO INFLOW BUFFER™ system can also be utilized as a forced cooling conveyor by adding an insulated enclosure and air-conditioning.


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