New Generation HOUDIJK CAPPER™

The HOUDIJK CAPPER™ is already well known for its overall performance, sanitary design and flexibility for product size and shape. The new generation HOUDIJK CAPPER™ mark III combines these excellent features with a significant capacity increase, becoming the highest capacity full width sandwich system available in the market. The new generation HOUDIJK CAPPER™ mark III can handle up to 5.000 sandwiches/minute.
This represents a more than 30% capacity increase. For reference and comparison, this new system now exceeds the capacity of two 4-lane stencil creamers.

High speed capacity

Thus far full width sandwich systems were speed limited by its row alignment systems. The new generation HOUDIJK CAPPER™ mark III features a new, revolutionary designed and patented PRODUCT FLEX INVERT™ module, combining accurate high speed row alignment and a unique inverting principle.

This increased the overall system capacity by more than 30%, allowing rows rates of up to 5.000 sandwiches / minute.

Investment cost

Given the footprint of a conventional biscuit handling system loading biscuits in two stencil machines, the Houdijk Capper mark III can handle the same capacity in a much smaller factory space.

The Houdijk Capper capacity increased by 30%; the investment price of the system didn’t increase and can be offered for the same price like the previous generation.

Change over

The HOUDIJK CAPPER™ mark III is a flexible system, designed to allow a variety of differently composed sandwich products to be produced. The – POKA YOKE designed –size parts are easily exchangeable to assure repeatability of settings and an instant commercial production start. All size parts come with a fixed, engineered setting. This reduces change-over times drastically.

Deposit material supply and
Houdijk Manifold™

The HOUDIJK CAPPER™ mark III is executed with a MANIFOLD SUPPLY MODULE and HOUDIJK MANIFOLD™. The integrated cream supply module is executed with features like temperature detection, pressure detection and automatic flow regulation, either supplying deposit material to the manifold or to the return, depending on the condition of the material and the operating condition of the HOUDIJK CAPPER™.

The HOUDIJK MANIFOLD™ is suitable for fat creams, mellow, jam, chocolate or combinations of these. It is able to handle sugar abrasive deposit materials or deposit materials with large inclusions. The HOUDIJK MANIFOLD is available in two executions; both featuring NO PRODUCT NO DEPOSIT functionality:

    - Pressurized: Time-based opening and closing of the depositing nozzle
    - Volumetric: Volume-based opening and closing of the depositing nozzle

Deposit possibilities

Different manifold, manifold motion and nozzles configurations are available to deposit the following deposit variations:

Efficiency and control

The HOUDIJK CAPPER™ mark III comes standard with the following features:

- A PRODUCT INSPECTION VISION & REJECT SYSTEM, protecting the downstream system by rejecting products that may cause stoppages (and possibly waste) or require manual interference by operators.

- A second vision system, controlling the accumulation section; when a low level is detected in a base cake lane, automatically a “PIANO STOPPER” is activated to prevent that the lane runs empty. It also ensures synchronized release of the lane, when minimum level has been resolved.

- The third vision system, managing the No-Product-No-Deposit function.

- The MANIFOLD SUPPLY MODULE assures automatic deposit material flow during all operating conditions.

- The HOUDIJK MANIFOLD™ assures accurate and reliable depositing across the belt.

- All drives in the system are servo controlled and settings are recipe controlled via the HMI.

- The operation takes place via a clear and operator friendly HMI touch screen, which assures a constant and repeatable performance.

- The system is executed with a pull-nose at the discharge, enabling the operator to only transfer product within specification to the downstream equipment.

- The system comes with a main conveyor belt washer.


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