New conveyor design

Houdijk Holland Houdijk has introduced a new line of multipurpose PU flatbed conveyors – as part of its implementation of its Design Vision project.
Conveyors form the back-bone of any feeding system and their functionality is essential for the overall efficiency of such a system.


Fully washdown

Belt can be released and lifted off belt for drying

Fully stainless steel execution

400 mm to 3.000 mm width

400mm to 30.000mm length

Above 9.000mm, automatic belt tensioning

15mm knife edge rollers

Any angled transfer possible for product spreading or condensing

Watercooled knife edges for high speed and/or hot products

Covered pull-nose, with 100 mm stroke, with trough

No exposed wiring; easy access to local junction box

Selflearning, automatic belt tracking

More Features

Belt supports plates can be taken out

Belt support rollers can be taken out

Easy accessible drive en belt tracking by means of hinged underside covers

Direct drive, not chains/sprockets

Any mounted guides can - in relation to the conveyor width - easily be removed, lifted horizontally or pivoted outward

Any installed dribbleboards can be removed in sections for cleaning

Clean design, minimized amount of bolts

Easy removable (and remountable) belt scraper and crumb trays

Some of the above features are optional.


These new line of conveyors may be of further interest to you; please send an email to