Linear Drive Technology – new innovation

Houdijk Holland has adopted a number of new Linear Magnetic Drive solutions. These new technologies make it possible to overcome previous limitations, which borders could not be crossed by conventional technologies.

The Linear Magnetic Drive technology makes it possible to enhance flexibility, offering higher capacities and disconnecting system functions which were in the past connected. Houdijk applications with Linear Magnetic Drive Technology:


The HOUDIJK CAPPER™ is already well known for its overall performance, sanitary design and flexibility for product size and shape. The new generation HOUDIJK CAPPER™ mark III combines these excellent features with a significant capacity increase, becoming the highest capacity full width sandwich system available in the market. The new generation HOUDIJK CAPPER™ mark III can handle up to 360 incoming biscuits rows/minute, which equals to approx. 5.000 sandwiches/minute. This represents a more than 30% capacity increase. For reference and comparison, this new system now exceeds the capacity of two 4-lane sandwich stencil creamers.

High speed capacity
Thus far full width sandwich systems were speed limited by its row alignment systems. The new generation HOUDIJK CAPPER™ mark III features a new, revolutionary designed and patented PRODUCT FLEX INVERT™ module – featuring a linear magnetic drive - combining accurate high speed row alignment and a unique inverting principle.


Conventional biscuit-on-edge (BOE) slug flowrappers, whether executed with an angled 90 degrees cross transfer or a more gentle rotary transfer, the limitations of these BOE slug flowrappers was limited to a maximum of 220 (small) slugs/minute.

In view of the general trend to handle small count/length slugs of on edge products this cross transfer became more and more the limitation.

To solve this bottle neck Houdijk developed the FLEX CROSS FEEDER™ as an add-on to its GRADOMATIC™/CLIPPER™ slug loader.

Once the slug count/slug length is completed, the slug is conveyed to and into the carriers of the FLEX CROSS FEEDER™. The FLEX CROSS FEEDER™ - a cross positioned linear magnetic driven chain – then transfers the slug into the chain of the wrapper.

The FLEX CROSS FEEDER™ has the unique feature that each slug pocket - comprising of two independently driven front and back pushers – can receive the slug of products, can wait to allow the received slug to first stabilize, then lock the product in the slug and consequently accelerate the slug to the actual continuous speed and pitch of the infeed of the connected flowrapper; instead of the previous limitation of up to 220 slugs/minute of the conventional solution, now speeds of 300 slugs/minute can be obtained.

The flowrapper can be a commodity wrapper, as the cross transfer to the flowrapper is solved at high speed and efficiency by Houdijk.

The need for these higher speeds is evident: whether you need to flowrap counted number of sandwich biscuits on edge or your requirement is to flowrap a certain sluglength of plain crackers on edge, the general trend in the market is that the consumer is asking for smaller sized packages aimed at individual and person consumption.

The number of sandwich biscuits per flowrap is getting less (starting from 5-6 sandwiches on edge) or a short cracker slug length is required (starting from 60 mm slug length of crackers).

Additionally, modern ovens can handle high linear speeds and produce high volumes. Houdijk has been following these trends and offers high speed loaders, in combination with the FLEX CROSS FEEDER: The Houdijk GRADOMATIC™ slug loader is able to handle 3.000 sandwiches/minute/loader and is able to handle slug counts starting from 5 up to 30 sandwiches in a slug.

The Houdijk Cracker handling systems in combination with the CLIPPER™ volumetric slug loader can handle slug lengths starting from 60 mm slug length up to 300 mm.


The system features a linear magnetic drive Intelligent Conveyor System, featuring individual carriers – executed with click on size parts - able to collect products placed on edge in slug or filling of the tray either in on edge or flat.

When conveying from A to B is required, the carriers will move independently with a controlled pace and will keep a controlled distance to each other. Once in the vicinity of the loading position, the carrier will be position controlled at the desired pitch and speed, to allow the loader to load the products.

The carrier holder is a size part - to hold the tray or in which the products on edge in a slug is gradually build up – and is click-on and click-off executed to connect to the carrier. The FLEX CONVEYOR SYSTEM™ makes it possible to disconnect loading and discharge positions, create intermediate buffering, creating high speed, flexible systems.


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