Capping & Depositing

In the HOUDIJK CAPPER™ two technologies meet: base cake handling & cream preparation and depositing. Houdijk offers a turnkey solution with market leading technologies. The HOUDIJK CAPPER™ is a state of the art system, in which the design is focused to maximize:

  • Overall performance & efficiency.
  • Repeatability of all settings for product changeovers.
  • Operator friendliness.
  • Overall system safety.
  • High hygienic and sanitation standards.
  • Uncompromised food safety production standards.

Turnkey supply

The HOUDIJK CAPPER™ combines two technologies, base cake handling & cream preparation/depositing, resulting in high quality sandwich products. Many features are standard integrated to guarantee a flawless and highly efficient running system.

The HOUDIJK CAPPER™ features an integrated deposit material supply and, if applicable, a return flow. Together with a temperature controlled manifold it assures an accurate deposit.

The deposit material preparation system is under the responsibility of Houdijk, though supplied by third party premium vendors. These specialists are carefully selected to meet the high standards set by Houdijk.

The turnkey commissioning guarantees a steep start up curve, quickly offering high output of commercial production and high efficiency operation.

Modular design

The HOUDIJK CAPPER™ has a modular design. The system can be composed of modules to configure the right solution for present and future requirements.

A typical HOUDIJK CAPPER™ can be built out of the following elements:

  • Capping and depositing station(s), whereby sequence of depositing and capping can be altered to the needs.
  • Spot particle sprinkling station or leaving an empty area for another third party supplied functionality.
  • Conveyor belt execution of 1,200; 1,400; 1,600; 1,800 and 2,000 mm width.
  • Other specific options to enhance overall performance.

Efficiency and control

The HOUDIJK CAPPER™ in its base execution already offers the ability to accomplish a high efficiency:

  • A camera controls the base cake accumulation section, stopping/starting the system automatically.
  • The second vision system manages the No Product No Deposit functionality.
  • All drives in the system are servo controlled and all settings are memorized.
  • The operation takes place via a clear and operator friendly HMI touch screen, which assures a constant and repeatable performance.
  • An optional individual product lane balancing system is controlled by camera, activating an individual biscuit reject at the entrance of the system.
  • Optionally the NPND function can be equipped with an individual lane reject system at the exit of the system, removing incomplete sandwich products before entering the cool tunnel.


Size part trolley


Frame and drive


Vision system


Manifold supply


Belt washing unit

Manifold supply

The integrated overhead positioned piping system between kitchen and the HOUDIJK MANIFOLD™ is temperature and pressure controlled. This will assure a constant and correct product supply. The piping system comprises:

  • Sanitary ball valve for approved product flow.
  • Pressure sensor for active back pressure regulator control.
  • Butterfly valves with air spring controlled actuators.
  • Jacketed piping, to ensure proper temperature.


The HOUDIJK CAPPER™ features the patented and revolutionary designed HOUDIJK MANIFOLD™:

  • Suitable for fat cream, mellow, jam or combinations of these.
  • Weight control by precise nozzle timing adjustable through the HMI.
  • Qualified for sugar abrasive deposit materials or deposit materials with large inclusions.
  • Optimal product distribution through product infeed on both ends of the single or double row jacketed manifold.
  • Precise pressure control by HMI monitored sensors on the manifold.
  • Highly accurate dosing using FDA approved squeeze nozzles.
  • Oval and rectangular deposits are possible by high frequency nozzle opening and closing.
  • Fast individual nozzle reaction and No Product No Deposit using individual nozzle actuators.
  • Quick and easy replaceable nozzles.


Single row manifold


Double row manifold

Hygiene and sanitation

The system is designed for easy cleaning assuring a food safe production and meeting a high hygiene standards. The kitchen and piping is cleaned using a CIP system enabling various cleaning scenarios. Houdijk offers a COP trolley for the manifold which makes it possible to reduce downtime considerably.

Change over

The HOUDIJK CAPPER™ is a flexible system, designed to allow a variety of differently composed sandwich products to be produced. The dedicated size parts are easy exchangeable to assure repeatability of settings and an instant commercial production start. This reduces change over times drastically.