For “on demand” distribution of your product to multiple leg downstream equipment, the HOUDIJK FLOWMASTER™ PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM takes care of this task. It is suitable for high volumes of sandwich biscuits, wire cut deposited cookies or chocolate enrobed products. The system can accept random arrival of products and does not require arrival of products in regimented rows. The system features possibilities for product buffer and re-feed in case of a stop of one of the downstream machines.


Arrival from sandwich machine through PENDULUM™


Arrival from depositor/wirecut

High volume handling

The high volumes of modern production cannot be handled by a single wrapping machine. The HOUDIJK FLOWMASTER™ is a flexible system to distribute large number of products over various legs. Whether tray loaders, slug wrappers or portion pack (vending pack) wrappers, it is possible to distribute different percentages to each leg.

Flat product handling

The FLOWMASTER™ system handles products lying flat on the belt. This applies specifically for products like wire cut cookies or sandwich biscuits. Product is always carried on its most solid bottom surface. By flat product handling, the sandwich product is prevented from being squeezed or wire cut cookie from being scuffed. Back pressures between the products can be controlled and limited, avoiding interlocking, damaging and/or riding on top of each other.


Overhead Infeed mechanisme







Product buffer and refeed

Each leg is positioned perpendicular to the main conveyor of the FLOWMASTER™ system. This allows each leg to receive product only when it is in ready to run condition. When a leg cannot accept product, due to a problem in the downstream system, the FLOWMASTER™ system will bypass the leg.

In case products at the end of the product distribution cannot be handled by any of the available legs, they are temporarily delegated to the LiFo Buffer conveyor. Once product enters the Buffer conveyor, the FLOWMASTER™ system will automatically instruct all available legs to surge speed.

Directly after after restoring sufficient wrapping capacity, the FLOWMASTER™ starts to empty the buffer in to the last leg. It automatically handles both incoming production and temporarily stored products. The system keeps all legs in surge running condition till the Buffer conveyor is emptied. Once empty all legs automatically return to their nominal running speed.

The buffer belt capacity is maximized thanks to the use of the ACCUBELT™ accumulation belt. It spreads all products over the full width of the buffer conveyor. To economically use the factory space, the Buffer conveyor can be inclined, carrying the product at an elevated position. To fit the system in the available factory space, the FLOWMASTER™ system can be “folded” in the space, by adding curve conveyors.

Leg distribution

When a leg is ready to receive products, an overhead infeed mechanism will cross transfer products towards this leg. The FLOWMASTER™ system can connect to combinations of multipurpose different executed receiving legs in different executions, for example a combination of slug wrap and/or portion packs wrap and/or tray loading.

In case it is received by a GRADOMATIC™ count feeding equipment, this system features an integrated product accumulation system.

When received by a FILEMASTER™, to chicane the products to single, dual or triple lanes, the FLOWMASTER™ will be executed with an ACCUFEEDER™, being a small accumulation unit in the leg that regulates the speed in that particular leg, avoiding speed hunting of the downstream equipment.