Other applications

Houdijk works in close partnership with the largest national and international companies in the industry. This is only possible for suppliers that are ready with a solution for every problem. At Houdijk, we are confident that we can supply the systems that you need. Our strength lies in finding a system for even the most complex applications that satisfies our customer's wishes for efficiency at minimum cost. Houdijk's experience is your assurance of finding the ideal solution.


In the many years that we have been developing feeding solutions, no two systems have been the same. Floor space differs. Products differ. Does the product have an unusual shape? An exceptional size? Nothing is beyond our reach. Packaging also differs. Within the scope of our technical possibilities, there is always a solution to be found.

Is your product packaged in trays? How high should your biscuits be stacked? Should they be angled and do they require extra care to prevent breakage? Finding the optimal answers to these questions is the first step in Houdijk’s complete project cycle from consultation to implementation in your existing operations. The links between consultation, engineering, production and assembly are kept very short within the Houdijk organization. Our specialists in these various fields work in close cooperation with each other.

Systems can also be continuously optimized. This expertise can be an invaluable asset to you even during the initial production phase of a new product. Houdijk gladly lends assistance right from the early planning stages to help you map out the ideal routing plan for your next successful product. In this way, the time to market can be minimized and efficiency maximized right from the start.