Volumetric loading

The CLIPPER™ volumetric slug loader (“length measuring feeder”) is a modern design solution for loading slugs of biscuits standing on edge. The CLIPPER™ is suitable for loading biscuits and crackers, with round, oval, square and rectangular shapes. In combination with the Houdijk handling system, it is a versatile solution for feeding products into the running flightbar infeed of any make X-fold- or flow wrapping machine.




The CLIPPER™ slug loader is highly efficient servo driven system, able to achieve an output per channel of up to 25 slugs per minute, subject to the characteristics of the product.

The loader is flexible with respect to product size and slug length variety. The recipe setting and control is done via the Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch screen.

The CLIPPER™ loader features automatic lane balancing. When reaching minimum buffer levels, the related lane stops the slug separation and loading until new product is supplied. The connected wrapping machine needs to be equipped with a ”No Slug – No Wrap” functionality.

The CLIPPER™ is an ergonomic and hygienic designed loader and easy to operate and to maintain.


The CLIPPER™ in combination with the Houdijk product handling system offers the most gentle and highly efficient volumetric loader in the market. Because of an integrated software control, back pressure is extremely well controlled. A spring loaded knife mechanism separates the required slug length while back pressure control minimized back pressure. This ensures a gentle insert between products preventing product from being damaged. The system’s speed control, balances the combination CLIPPER™/wrapping machine with the production line.


Execution available for dual lane flightbar infeed loading for short slug lengths at high capacity.