Service Level Agreements

We have put together a comprehensive program of services for your Houdijk equipment, to ensure optimum performance and minimize downtime. Whether you choose to have preventive maintenance performed periodically or entrust us with constantly maintaining the performance of your system, you can rest assured that your valuable machinery will carry on working 24/7 and that unplanned service calls and costs for replacement of parts will be minimized. We would be happy to prepare a service level agreement to meet your specific needs; just ask!

Rebuilds and retrofits

State-of-the-art systems help you stay in the lead. We offer new technologies and upgrade packages to keep your equipment running at peak performance. If you have plans to invest in production capabilities, Houdijk Holland can provide a wide variety of solutions to monitor, improve or rebuild an aging system.

Spare parts

Original spare parts assure our customers of maximum machine availability. All of our spare parts continue to be developed to ensure optimum machine performance.
Our spare parts can easily be ordered by telephone or email. If you need help finding the right part for your system, our capable Customer Service team is standing by to assist you.


All Houdijk systems come with basic training for operators, supervisors and maintenance engineers. Additional and repetitive training courses (eg. for new personnel) can be offered, either online or hands-on. A course can be finalized with a test and a certificate of qualification.

24/7 Help Desk

In addition to our service desk, which is available during office hours, we provide a 24/7 help desk for customers who have a Service Level Agreement.
Our on-call support operator is available after hours to start up technical intervention and assistance procedures. The 24/7 support line is free of charge for service contract holders.

Contact your local Houdijk agent, or Customer services for more information.