Pile/stack feeding

The high speed SKIPPER™ unit is an unique and innovative Houdijk pile/stack loading system for plain products. The SKIPPER™ accepts without lane reduction/expansion the given number of product lanes coming from the oven. It separates extremely gently individual products from the vertical magazine by means of a servo driven horizontal indexing disc. The individual products are transferred in the destined pitches of the infeed chain of any make flow wrapping machine. Thus it composes the product pile/stack with set count.




The SKIPPER™ pile/stack loader is suitable for round, oval and rectangular shaped products in short or long side leading orientation. The SKIPPER™ system comprises multiple servo driven discs. It guarantees the highest efficiency available in the market for pile loaders.

The SKIPPER™ pile/stack loader avoids the need for complicated and expensive product supply systems, as it is able to handle the number of lanes coming from the oven. The stacked product supply via conveyor belt and/or vibratory conveyor is connected to the SKIPPER™ systems. The number of stacked product lanes arriving from the oven is accordingly connected to a SKIPPER™ unit disc. The available SKIPPER™ units are divided over the desired number of flow wrapper(s).

Per flow wrapper, the system composes the required product pile/stack count according to an algorithm controlled lane balancing system. It collects individual products each time from different vertical product magazines.

The system is able to neglect a product lane, once it reaches minimum level. The pile count is set via the HMI and is flexibly adjustable via a recipe change. High speeds of up to 1,000 piles/stacks per minute are possible depending on product shape and characteristics.