Total line efficiency improvement with vision & reject system

You have optimized your dough mixing, product forming and oven baking process to the best achievable level - and still individual, out of specification products cause stops in your packaging system. The VISION SELECTOR™ is able to find and to reject these individual products.


To improve the total line efficiency, Houdijk has developed a stand-alone vision and reject system, able to inspect each individual product coming from your production process.

The first objective of this system is to ‘protect’ downstream equipment, by rejecting products that may cause stoppages (and possibly waste) or require manual interference by operators. Additionally, an extra layer of product definitions can be added, to ensure that all products meet consumer expectations.

The standardized system comes with an array of 2D colour line scanners and 3D cameras to inspect the product on the following parameters: Circumference, Surface, Height, Shape, Position, Optionally: Colour.

Individual disqualified products are rejected by the reject unit by means of high pressure air.

Your products

The system is suitable for rotary moulded, rotary cut, (wire cut) deposited or slab formed broken, sandwiched cookies, biscuits and/or crackers.

Whether produced on a 1200 mm or a 2000 mm wide oven or coming with 200 – 1.000 rows / minute, the VISION SELECTOR™ will recognize defects and discharge individual products.

The system collects data on product quality (defects, over time and over width of belt) and can share this with your MES system.

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