We need
cookie monsters

Houdijk Holland designs and manufactures systems for packaging cookies, biscuits and crackers. These systems stand apart because of their ability to handle large numbers of products per minute: 2.000 to 15.000 biscuits or cookies per minute! In this particular niche in the world market, Houdijk has gained a particular, unique position. And her mission – and ambition – is: First in Biscuit Feeding – Worldwide.

The company has been founded in 1922. In the course of many years, the company developed into an all-purpose machine builder. The last 25 years, the focus has been solely on developing systems for the biscuit industry: Houdijk exports 95% of its machines and supplies worldwide to all renowned, multinational biscuit manufacturers, such as Kraft/LU, PepsiCo and United Biscuits – this last company is in Holland better known under the name Verkade.

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