Many times the word automation is used in the sense of mechanisation: simple ‘conveying’ from A to B, still relying on (continuous) intervention by operators.

Our meaning of automation is:

A system that is automatically controlled by mechanical, electronic or robotics devices that can operate without requiring human control or intervention. Operators become supervisors.

Houdijk systems are designed in the true meaning of the automation. The design of each system offers maximum functionality to assure:

  • A minimum and predictable staff. Only supervising is required.
  • The system itself is to a large extend able to monitor, intervene and react on issues happening.
  • Waste is mainly caused by out of spec product and conditions, but the system is designed to be self-clearing and self-cleaning, as much as is possible.
  • Thus the overall system efficiency is predictable and Houdijk can be held accountable for the agreed upon efficiency and manning level.