The systems we propose are designed on the basis of the Houdijk Design Vision.

This Design Vision includes a strong focus on the following aspects:

  • Ease of operation
  • Ease of change-overs, Poka Yoke, Centerlining
  • Cleanability through open design, removability of parts
  • Maintenance prevention, ease of maintenance
  • Operator safety
  • Simple tutorials, guides, training material

This means, for example:

  • The system layout has an open design to maximize access to all areas of the system.
  • For easy cleaning, the Houdijk system is designed with a maximum required operator reach of 800 mm. Areas which are exceeding this reach (e.g. dribble boards and side guides, etc.) can be easily lifted, moved and/or removed, without tooling. Belts can be un-tensioned easily, belt scrapers and belt rollers can be removed for cleaning.
  • All product size related parts that require removing are Poka Yoke executed, i.e. by design the settings are fixed and optimized for that particular product and cannot be adapted. This will ensure a vertical start-up, after a change-over.
  • When size part exchange is required or the system requires cleaning, removal of parts can be done by an operator. No tooling is required and the weight of these parts is purposely limited.
  • Parts are designed for easy cleaning, without difficult to clean slots, holes or gaps.  Dribble boards and side guides are standard liftable or can be taken out to allow full cleaning.
  • As much as is possible there are no further devises or frames underneath the product transportation/handling level, to avoid build-up of dirt and maximize cleaning space.
  • All wireways and e-panels are as much as possible located above and aside from the product flow.