With recent developments like the VISION SELECTOR, the next generation HOUDIJK CAPPER Mark III, the INFLOW BUFFER and our flexible COOKIEBOTS, Houdijk is setting new standards for high speed and/or flexible biscuit feeding – in combination with a vertical start-up, lowest cost of ownership, hygienic design and low maintenance.

More developments are on the way, giving you the opportunity to implement truly automated packaging lines, for (sandwich) biscuits, cookies or crackers, in slugs, piles or trays.

Increasing competition is forcing each biscuit producer to continuously focus on product innovation and higher production capacities and/or flexible solutions. Time to market must be minimized and the production process must be as efficient as possible.

A Houdijk system is designed to be highly tolerant to its task, easy to maintain and performing at a high efficiency. When required our team of Customer Services is on stand-by to support the delivered system, either with the supply of spare parts, a visit by an Inspection engineer or via remote support.

It is this combination of factors which defines Houdijk’s role in serving you to the best of its creative abilities and which will determine your success.