The COOKIEBOT is a vision guided robotic Pick & Place system.

The system is able to handle a random supply of products and offers the ultimate flexibility for toolless change-overs between different product types, sizes and shapes.

The COOKIEBOT system also makes it possible to create a variety of different package configurations and combinations: slugs (with or without tray), piles (with or without trays)  and/or individual products.

The COOKIEBOT is a fully Houdijk designed and build system, meeting all important and suitable  criteria for the typical bakery conditions, whereby ease of operation, change-over, cleanability, maintainability, overall efficiency, 24/7 robustness can be recognized.

The COOKIEBOT is a vision guided system, able to qualify and disqualify products. Disqualified products will overflow at the end of the system.

Based on the line capacity, the system features multiple independent operating COOKIEBOT modules, each module featuring 1, 2 or 4 overhead positioned robots.

Depending on the project application the COOKIEBOT robots are available in different reach executions. The gripper of the robot can be executed with 1 or 2 additional axis to rotate the product and/or pivot the product.

The execution of the gripper is engineered to the requirements of the project and the character of the product: pick-up by vacuum/venturi or via a mechanical gripper, either in a single or a multipick execution.

An overall control system strategizes the loading cycle, assuring that all products will be loaded and all loading positions are filled.

Each COOKIEBOT can be configured differently, with various functions in mind: for example loading products directly in the infeed of a wrapper and/or loading into trays (either flat, on edge or shingled).

The COOKIEBOT system is engineered and completed with other functionalities in the Houdijk portfolio, assuring a well-balanced performance  and overall system efficiency.

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