Many conventional capping and sandwiching systems are offered with an attractive initial pricing, in a basic execution, requiring multiple operators to manually support and adjust the system to solve e.g. base cake quality issues.

The HOUDIJK CAPPER , however, always comes with several standard features to ensure high performance, with minimal manual support required.

In comparison to basic conventional systems, the HOUDIJK CAPPER comes with:

  • With the VISION SELECTOR (individual product inspection & reject), the product supply is ‘cleaned’ from products that may cause stoppages (and additional waste) or require manual operator interference.

  • Lane imbalance – e.g. due to moulding issues or VISION SELECTOR discharge – is dealt with  automatically by stopping individual lanes, avoiding jamming of base cakes.
  • In case of missing base cakes, no cream will be deposited (No Product No Deposit)
  • The deposit material supply within the HOUDIJK CAPPER to the HOUDIJK MANIFOLD is fully jacketed with multi-temperature zones. Temperature/pressure sensor data is fed back to the kitchen, facilitating the kitchen to provide a constant and consistent supply of deposit material. The HOUDIJK MANIFOLD assures accurate and reliable depositing across the belt.
  • All drives in the system are servo controlled and settings are recipe controlled via the HMI. All size related parts are poka yoke executed, making a size part exchange easy, toolless, quick and repeatable, assuring a steep start up curve after a change-over.

The HOUDIJK CAPPER is designed to achieve – with only one supervisor – the highest possible overall efficiency, maximizing line output and assuring the lowest Cost of Ownership.

Due to these HOUDIJK CAPPER features –  compared to a conventional capper –  a short payback is guaranteed.

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