For this product category a typical line includes dough lamination, sheeting, gauge rolling and rotary cutter to pre-cut the product size in the dough before baking. After baking the product sheet is first laterally broken in product strips.

The nature of sheet formed products is that – per batch – substantial slab/product width size variation can take place. Furthermore due to lamination and dough stress, spontaneous breaking can occur in the oven.

It is Houdijk’s experience that product breaking by means of linear breaking rollers is an often under designed process, potentially hurting the downstream performance of the line.

To avoid these imperfections Houdijk offers the SMART BREAKER.

Whether the product strips are lying flat or already stacked on the belt, the SMART BREAKER offers – vision guided – product flow detection, to ensure precise alignment for breaking.

Furthermore the vision system measures the actual sheet width over time and automatically alters the position of the breaking rollers to match them with the actual position of the break-lines.