Design Vision

Houdijk Holland has implemented a new Design Vision ENGINEERED TO LAST, ALWAYS FIT FOR USE to enhance – next to the superior system functionality – the operational, maintenance and sanitation execution of its systems.

Engineered to last, always fit for use

All Houdijk Holland systems are designed on the basis of our Houdijk Design Vision. This Design Vision includes a strong focus on the following aspects:

1. Ease of operation, both on system as well as via the HMI
2. Ease of change-overs, Poka Yoke, Centerlining
3. Cleanability through open design, removability of parts
4. Maintenance prevention, ease of maintenance
5. Operator safety
6. Easy tutorials, guides, training material


For easy cleaning, the Houdijk system is designed with a maximum required operator reach of 800 mm. System areas which are exceeding this reach (eg. dribble boards and side guides) can be easily moved, removed or lifted, without tooling.

All product size related (change) parts are Poka Yoke executed, i.e. by design the settings of the system are fixed and optimized for that particular product, they cannot be adjusted. This will ensure a daily vertical start-up.


If the Houdijk Design Vision may be of further interest to you; please send an email to