Houdijk 4.0

Houdijk has invested a lot of effort in developing new – flexible – solutions for handing biscuit, cookies and crackers, implementing new ideas and technology. Houdijk 4.0 is Houdijk latest chapter in its near 100 year history – and we will listen carefully to you to write the next chapter.

New Generation HOUDIJK CAPPER™

The new generation HOUDIJK CAPPER™ mark III can handle up to 5.000 sandwiches/minute. This represents a more than 30% capacity increase. For reference and comparison, this new system now exceeds the capacity of two 4-lane stencil creamers.


During the forthcoming IBA exhibition in Munich (15-20 September), HOUDIJK HOLLAND present the new and innovative HOUDIJK CAPPER™ mark III. The new generation HOUDIJK CAPPER™ mark III has a significant capacity increase, becoming the highest capacity full width sandwich system available in the market; it can handle up to 360 incoming biscuits rows/minute, which equals 180 sandwich rows/minute. This represents a more than 30% capacity increase.


Ultimate flexibility, overall efficiency and minimum manpower for automatic handling & loading of cookies (or similar products) for medium capacity and/or flexible cookie lines. You want to optimize your medium capacity and/or flexible cookie line by adding a fully automated, highly efficient cookie handling and loading system with minimum personnel? The modular configured Houdijk COOKIEBOT™ SYSTEM is offering you the ultimate solution.

GRADOMATIC™ slug loader

The most economic and fastest slug loader for round (sandwich) biscuits.

High volume product distribution to multiple wrappers

The Houdijk FIFO INFLOW BUFFER™/FLOWMASTER™ system is a highly efficient distribution system, whereby special attention is being paid to the optimum utilization of the connected downstream equipment.

Design Vision

Houdijk Holland has implemented a new Design Vision: ENGINEERED TO LAST, ALWAYS FIT FOR USE to enhance – next to the superior system functionality – the operational, maintenance and sanitation execution of its systems.

Total line efficiency improvement with vision & reject system

You optimized your dough mixing, product forming and oven baking process to the ultimate and still individual – out of specification – products causing stops in your packaging system. The VISION SELECTOR™ is able to reject these individual products.