Starting in 1922 as a ship repair company, the family owned company Houdijk has evolved into a technology company, with a singular focus on handling, packing and sandwiching of biscuits, cookies & crackers.

This evolution in the past 100 years may be hard to understand, but there is a common denominator: always daring to innovate and to take a road less traveled.

With an accumulated experience of more than a 1.000 years in biscuit handling, all at Houdijk are dedicated to engineer, assemble and commission state-of-the-art systems, in order to make our customers more successful.

With 225 co-workers, an annual sales of EUR 60 million, a world-wide network of representatives and Houdijk service centers in USA, Mexico and Austria, we are here to serve you, with deep know-how, dedication and perseverance.

We invite you to go to our historical website to scroll through our 100 year time line.

You will see that our Keys for Success are not nice catch phrases, but are deeply embedded in our company for many, many years.

Mr. Bart Houdijk, Managing Director
August 2022

First in biscuit feeding

Houdijk stands firmly for its focus on biscuits, cookies and crackers. Their unique qualities ask for a special design approach, only truly exemplified by Houdijk.

Engineered to last, always fit for use

Houdijk’s Design Vision guarantees solid, well-build and lasting solutions, that can withstand a 24/7 operation – for years.

Aim for highest efficiencies through true automation

Feeding biscuits into trays or into wrappers is often the last bastion of manual labor. The dexterity of operators is often underestimated, with ‘automation’ underperforming. Only Houdijk has the experience to fully understand the complexity of replacing operators by well designed automation or robotization.

Turn key systems

Houdijk can offer From Oven to Packaging solutions. And can integrate other OEM equipment to compose turn key lines.


Sustainability within Houdijk is much more than a buzz word – in many aspects of our business, sustainability weighs in and forms an integral part of our long term plans.