The SKIPPER is a unique and innovative high speed piling/stacking system which guarantees the highest available efficiency in the market. The SKIPPER separates individual products from the vertical magazine by means of servo driven discs.

These discs can run at high speeds, but as the discs stop, approach, touch and accelerate, the separation of each individual biscuit out of the vertical magazine is still very gentle.

The separated products are then fed into the designated pitches of the flow-wrapper infeed chain. As the lugs of the wrapper pass each SKIPPER disc, it can either receive 0 or 1 product. The start-stop pattern of the SKIPPER discs thereby determine the height of the pile/stack.

The SKIPPER is suitable for loading products with various shapes, in short or long side leading orientation.

A VIBRATORY BUFFER feeding the SKIPPER will ensure a continuous product supply with well controlled back pressure.

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